The Pioneer VSX Series, represented in this review by the VSX-1023-K, is a remarkable value in the world of AV receivers. High quality sound is at the forefront, with a supporting cast of abundant ports and solid features. Pioneer's technical support is good, but not the best because of the company's short, one-year warranty.

In terms of performance, the Pioneer VSX-1023-K's 7.1-channel surround sound produces clean, robust audio. Its 98dB signal-to-noise ratio, broad frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz and total harmonic distortion of 0.08 percent contribute to this smooth sound. Additionally, the unit has a continuous power output of 80 watts.

The abundance of ports is a welcome sight, especially if you have many devices in your home theater setup. The seven HDMI inputs and one HDMI output with an audio return channel are sure to keep you up to date with each new device that you add to your home theater. In lieu of Wi-Fi, Pioneer opted for a more stable Ethernet connection for network functionality; however, by purchasing an optional Pioneer adapter, you can add Wi-Fi support to the receiver. Built-in USB ports let you expand the connectivity options with a Bluetooth adaptor, or directly connect an iPod or other devices to play your digital music library through your surround sound system.

You can control speaker setups in multiple rooms with the VSX-1023-K, giving you added mobility, with more rooms in your home where you can listen to music without purchasing a separate sound system for each one. There are also various ports for legacy devices with component, composite, optical and coaxial connections. A front headphone jack gives you the option for a private listening session. The receiver is also equipped with an AM/FM radio.

There are some contemporary features included with this digital receiver. Supported video standards include 3D and 4K pass-through. The network media server streams audio and internet radio from any computer on your home network. An app for Android or iOS tablets and smartphones turns your mobile device into a fully functional remote control for your receiver. Dynamic volume preserves the fidelity of your music regardless of the volume at which you choose to listen. The VSX-1023-K features compatibility with local streaming services such as HTC Connect and Apple's AirPlay. The receiver also supports Spotify Connect and Pandora.

Pioneer offers technical support that is both helpful and friendly. Phone and email support offer a personal touch. The FAQs and user guide are great resources to turn to when a common problem arises. The low note of this receiver is its one-year warranty, which is the shortest warranty of all the products on our lineup. Pioneer's support team responded quickly to our questions about this product during our review.

Pioneer VSX Summary:

The Pioneer VSX-1023-K is an excellent home theater receiver with amazing sound at an excellent price. Thanks to high-end features such as 4K support and multiple HDMI ports, the receiver can easily accommodate most home entertainment needs. Pioneer's technical support is very helpful, but the receiver's short warranty could cause problems to arise in the future. Still, this is a great receiver if you're on a budget.


Pioneer VSX 1023-K

The receiver possesses high-end features and excellent sound quality.

The VSX-1023-K only has a one-year warranty.

The Verdict
: 8.58/10

With high audio fidelity components, excellent compatibility and support for third-party streaming services, the VSX-1023-K can handle the needs of any home theater.